Kenny Thomas vs Jason Thompson

Who was the "better" player out of the 2?

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Gonna go with JT. I loved that he always worked hard even if he wasn’t skilled. JT has the size to be a decent PF, so I had the expectation early in his career that he could become a good player. With K9 i just couldn’t get over that he had been part of that terrible Webber package. And he was way undersized so I never had any fun watching him because there was never an illusion that he could become better, for me at least.
Wait... what about c-webb? I also dont count a 12th overall pick as a long shot thats a lottery pick. His career was also practically over as soon as we traded him.
JT out of Rider at 12 was a long shot, yes.

If JT didnt have hands of stone he would have been the next Carlos Boozer. However JT had hands of a stone gargoyle so he was never able to be a threat on the break or around the rim.
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Playing JT next to Cuz for all those years was a big reason why we sucked.
Well, I think there were a lot of reasons why the Kings weren't a good team, but I'll agree with you on this point. I think JT's best position was at center, as was Cousins. JT didn't have much if any game away from the basket, and for quite a while, neither did Cuz. So having them on the floor together just totally clogged up the lane, making it difficult to run P&R's etc. I don't think that was JT's or Cuz's fault, it's just who the kings had to play at the time. It seemed like every year the Kings either signed, or drafted someone to replace JT, but by the time the season started, JT had won his job back.