Justin Jackson


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I always thought JJ is a less-nasty version of Mike Dunleavy Jr and will have a similar role after his game matures.
Nice comparison. I hated Dunleavy because he always seemed to come to life against us. :)
Even though people seem to think otherwise, I will be surprised if Jackson does not log the most minutes at the 3.
Based on his Summer league, he's worth the additional development and I think he'll start. I'm actually still not sure what we have with him. Can he pass? Rebound? Dribble? His IQ seems to be OK... Our other starters need to trust him and get him involved early in the year, but a lot of our players have something to prove. His lack of aggressiveness might not be fixable this year.
Jackson has to shoot better. 31% from 3 won’t cut it. But he is a smart player who I think will look better with Giles, Beli, Bogi on the court. He makes those back cuts, he is going to get a pass.
He’s a good kid, like Skal. That can’t be emphasized enough. He is skilled all over the place and has the work ethic needed to maximize his potential. And his possible potential is high BBIQ starting quality role player
I can remember cringing last season watching Jackson clank open 3 after open 3, which merits you little playing time if you aren't doing much else. I saw him hitting those same shots in SL. If that translates to the regular season, I'll be happy with his year 2 development. Beyond that is gravy.
How do you explain his summer league 3 point percentage of 31% versus 30.8 in the season before?
I asked because a quick search by me could not find the 3 point % stats for Summer League. My eye test would have sworn he was shooting the ball better in SL???
I was specifically referring to open 3s, not contested ones. He took some slop shots, which to me is par for the course in SL. My sense is that his % on open 3s was quite high.
What discrepancy are you looking at?

The realgm link has the Vegas and Summer Classic leagues separate so Justin Jackson appears on there twice. You'd have to average out his 3pt% but it still comes out to 31.9%. He shot better in Sacramento than he did in Vegas.
Got it. So over all the games he has shown marginal improvement. Too bad.