Jamal Crawford?

I think we are at 14 contracts
6 Guards, 6 Bigs and 2 SF

So not sure where he could fit in
He could fit if Bogi plays some backup SF with Ariza or Barnes at the pf a couple of minutes a game, or just depth if Bogi/Buddy got hurt or in foul trouble.

But I'd see a ton of CDNP's.

Would rather have Bogi playing as many minutes as possible as a guard though over being a wing defensively.


Hall of Famer
Crawford has always been a great locker room guy, and he could, and can still shoot the ball. But he's far past his prime at this point. I wanted the Kings to pursue him 10 years ago. He had one of the best cross over dribbles in the league. He can still create his own shot. Anyway, I doubt the Kings are interested since they have a couple of young guys being groomed for the SG position. At best, he would be an insurance policy against injury to Buddy or Bogi...
I wanted the Kings to pursue him 10 years ago.
They did. 8 years ago. After his stint in ATL. But he ended up choosing Portland over the KINGS.

I remember vividly because I was so hoping we'd nab him only to be disappointed!

Taken from a 2011 ESPN article:

Crawford chose Portland over Sacramento, which was offering a two-year deal worth $6.5 million per season, and New York, which offered $5 million over two years, sources told Broussard.