Hey Kings fans! It's time for roll call!

Northeast Tennessee. Almost "Justified" country.

I've fallen back to lurking most of this season. I did not pick up league pass and missed most of the Kings games as a result. Hopefully, next season will be better with a new ownership group.

I miss Webber and Divac. That is all.
padrino -- born in north highlands, raised in roseville, educated in chico, and currently living in the sacramento city proper. been a northern CA resident my whole life, been a kings fan just as long. i learned how to walk in my mitch richmond jersey. i was an awkward middle-schooler when vlade divac and chris webber showed up. i was an angst-ridden teenager when they fell to the lakers. i struggled through my early-20's while watching the team struggle to reestablish an identity in the post-webber era. i've since managed to rise up and make something of myself, and i am likewise hoping to see the kings rise up again under new sacramento ownership...


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Hanford, Ca (Just south of Fresno
Kings fans since about 88
I lived through the bad old days before Mitch, lived through Game 6, lived through Webber's ankle, lived through coaches Muscleman, Westfall, and Smart, lived through the Anaslime move, lived through George walking out on Arena talks, lived through shopping the team to Virgina Beach, and I will live through this and will be at the new arena watching the Kings play in Sacramento.
Prophetess - Kings fan since 1998 - RC, suburb of Sacramento.
Have lived in some part of Sac since birth.
Devoted to my city and my team.
Have installed Kings fandom in my daughter and soon hopefully my youngest son. :D
Kings fan since 2006, representing Slovenia!

I am 99,9% confident that this saga will turn our way and the new era of Kings basketball will begin.


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Original founder of KingsFans.com in 1996 until I saw a better idea and turned it over to Jeremy in 2000. 2nd member signed onto this forum after JGar.
Grew up in Minnesota and Wisconsin although born in Kentucky during WWII because my dad was stationed at Fort Knox.
Far too educated for my own good.
Knew of the NBA when the Lakers were in the city of lakes and followed the NBA since the 60's when it began to appear on national TV.
Carmichael and Citrus Heights resident since 1977 after time in the Navy.
Kings Fan since 1985, of course.
Has an opinion about anything - just ask. Honest. Just ask.
Still perplexed about why he continues to watch what at times appears to be a train wreck in progress - love them Kings!!
Probably will follow this team no matter where it ends up as I am attached to the players and want to see the core of this group under good management. What's my choice? That's the way I see it.
Will always be a small town Midwesterner in my soul and am proud of it.
still here since the C-Webb days....
bought a league pass this year with high hopes for a Kings playoffs spot until that "Smart" guy pissed on my hopes with his wonderful rotations.

Full bloodied Filipino watching over the Kings from Singapore since last 7 years.
Vacaville, CA

CSUS Alumini Class of 03'
Been a fan since my father got stationed at Travis AFB in 92.

Please please stay!! (I'll be playing Please don't go girl by the New Kids on the Block as an ode to the Sacramento Kings, lol)
Kings Fan here from Tucson Arizona
Jason Williams made me fall in love with this team.
Kings Fan Til I die!
Love reading this site, keep it up guys.

Sacramento, born here before FDR and never left. Live in old landpark,, bought season tickets in 1985 and still going though one Q-time now. Good to see and hear from you all.
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Placer county area. Went to my first game in 1989, we were playing the expansion Timberwolves and they had a rookie named Pooh Richardson. Being a kid at that time, my friend and I yelled Poo!! at the top of our lungs the entire game from the nose bleeds. Since then I have been to hundreds of games. I did take a Kings hiatus towards the end of the Artest era. The team was just brutal to watch and I just stopped caring. That only reaslly lasted 2-3 years, now I am back as passionate as I ever was.

I also got to go to the first playoff game vs. Seattle in 1995. We waited out front of a Raleys and got lottery tickets firs in line from ticketmaster and was lucky enough to get baseline first row (above the floor seats) My friend and I lost our voices before the game even started. Ironically we are going to the game together tomorrow.


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Born in St. Louis Missouri. My idols were Stan Musial, and Bob Pettit. The latter who I had the privilige of knowing. Moved to Sacramento in 1965, and resided there until 2003 when I moved to Mulege, baja california. I'm now residing on a la playa (beach) just south of Ensenada. I lost my St. Louis Hawks a long time ago, and it ripped my heart out at the time. I don't want it to happen again.

Excuse me, time for a cervesa on the beach...
Geert, elpaljasso
Lanaken, Belgium

Already started with gathering information to make the trip to Sacramento to attend the opening of the new arena. Let's do this.
Gtronic, Bay Area (East Bay)
I feel in love with the Kings when I went to UCDavis in the early 90s. I've been a diehard fan ever since.

I come to KingsFans.com 3-4 times a day to catch up on Kings news. Sadly I post only 3-4 times a YEAR...why, because the moderators on this site are bullies and talk to people like they are in grade school.


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Raised in Northridge, CA. Grew up as a Lakers fan. Moved to Sacto in 1991 and became a Kings fan. Now I live in the wine country of Acampo, CA.

The worst possible occurrence - the Maloofs attempting to sell to Seattle - looks like it's going to create the best possible outcome - the Kings staying in Sacramento, building a new arena, and having the most outstanding ownership group in the NBA. Here's looking forward to the great Sacramento Kings team that we will see over the coming years.
Been here consistently but rarely ever posted and only really log in if I do post something. Born/raised/lived most of my life in L.A. but never cared much for either team there for various reasons and I have a thing for supporting small-market teams. Couldn't really follow the team until I got internet access in 1995 or 96 and followed both Glenn's old site and the Graffiti Board. Moved to Boise, ID almost six years ago for a better quality of life. Now I plan to move (hopefully permanently) to Japan or Korea once I get rid of my possessions and can find a primary job in either country that doesn't involve teaching (which will probably be a bit tough and may take awhile but I got scared off of that line of work after one particular recruiting session). Not looking forward to follow my North American teams with a 14-17 hour time difference but them's the breaks (I don't know how you guys in Asia and Australia deal with it). Cautiously optimistic regarding the decision but will give up on the NBA if things don't go our way and will follow a local team that probably has a 6' 7" center.


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Born in Little Rock, Arkansas(spent an entire two days of my life there), split my childhood between NY and the East Bay, CA where I moved in 1994, now Concord and almost lucked into becoming a Kings fan. Parents didn't have cable and for some reason we got Sac news stations and Ch 31, and Kings games. Been a fan since Gary St. Jean roamed our sidelines and patterned my game after the one and only Mitch Richmond as a middle schooler. Spent many afternoons shooting around with my #2 jersey on, then listening to KHTK as I did my homework or catching the game on Ch 31 when broadcast on that channel. Grew up as the only Kings fan I knew in Warrior country and loved every minute of it.

All the international fans are awesome, btw.