[Grades] Grades vs. Lakers (or We Won BUT...)

The numbers back me up, not 'I heard Joerger yell once'

I mean it's pretty self explanatory, we run a high post, low post offense. We run a lot of post ups and isolations for Zbo and our bigs.

It's going to be .slow.
You got it! You’re finally coming around. Over coming our problems is going to be slow .... but it is happening.


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I didnt look at the stats, but one possible explanation for a slower pace could be, that we arent getting a lot of deflections and steals, arent a good defensive team in general and put guards and wings dont get enough rebounds to push the ball, while our Main rebounders arent guys able to throw quick advance passes.

Basically we are playing against a set Defense most of the time.
Having Randolph in the lineup is going to slow you down, and for some reason, Hill seems to like walking the ball up the court. There have been many times when Joerger is screaming for them to push the ball. But I think the main reason is the high shooting percentage of the opposing teams. It's hard to push the ball off made shots, and unfortunately, the other teams have been making a lot of shots. The team is what it is. Some of the veterans may well be good mentors, but that doesn't necessarily make them good complimentary players. Fox is fast, and Randolph is slow, and they're both in the starting lineup. Joerger can't change the roster, so he has to find a system that uses the players to the best of their abilities, if that's even possible.

Contrary to someone on this forum, when Joerger was at Memphis, he wanted to speed up the pace there. He was discouraged by management, and eventually let go (wasn't resigned) because of philosophical differences. He had inherited a roster and a halfcourt system, that had been working for years, and had gotten them into the playoffs year after year. So management wasn't excited about going in a different direction. That doesn't make him a perfect coach, or that I agree with everything he does, but I do think he's a very good coach, especially when it comes to X's and O's. He has won everywhere he's coached, except here, so far. So I'm more than willing to give him the full extent of his contract to see what the final results will be.
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