future of Natomas?

As much as I'm glad to hear natomas won't have a giant zombie hangout in the middle of their city, why would I care about this as a kingsfans.


Natomas is a crap hole, why would Kings fans care about whatever Natomas 3.0 is?
So what is going on in Natomas? It would be nice to know something cool is going there after the Kings leave. When I drive to the game I wonder what will happen to the businesses there.


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What is "Natomas 3.0"? Do I even want to know?
One of the major pushes by Councilwoman Ashby (one of the big proponents of the new arena downtown, she represents the Natomas area [north of downtown Sacramento]) was the re-use of the Natomas site where ARCO/STA is currently. The big push is for something like a high-tech campus or hospital or possibly even a college or (wishful thinking by some) a theme park. They don't want it to turn into more houses and a strip mall. They want to turn the area into an economic engine of some type that will draw more business and spending into the area. Given the location (right of I-5, near the airport, with good freeway access, and likely light rail running through the middle within the next couple decades) they wanted to use those advantages to give Sacramento's economy another boost.

And, what do you know...after typing the above I find that the Sacbee has an article on the City Council meeting tonight where this was discussed. Glad to see all my Crown Downtown City Council meeting time hasn't led me astray over all these years! Nailed it!

Natomas is a crap hole, why would Kings fans care about whatever Natomas 3.0 is?
How so?

I live in Natomas. Very nice region. Full of shopping centers, it's a short drive away from places like Carmichael, East/South Sacramento, yet you feel the difference right away. I love the calmness and tranquility of Natomas. (Arena Blvd, Truxel, Del Paso Blvd side...)