[Game] Friday morning game

By living in Ohio And being retired I will head to breakfast and then home to watch the game.

So I see the game comes on like at 6:30 am on the West coast I believe so are a few of you skipping work or just making a late start out the door Friday morning?

It’s a exciting time of the year with our team and I will reflect on the 20 years since I moved away and had my season tickets.
GO Kings


The Game Thread Dude
Fox/Buddy/Barnes/Bagley/Dedmon starting.

Just the starting lineup but the lack of Barnes at the 4 already proves Walton is possibly more aware of his roster than Joerger was lol
Welp when they decided to change NBC Sports California Plus at the last second, that screwed me. I don’t get that with AT&T now. Only NBC Sports California. Awesome start to the day...