Domantas "Big D" Sabonis

so perhaps you can answer why so many “positive people” constantly resort to personal attacks when presented with data or opinions they don’t like???

I think you're wrong quite a bit of the time, but I do give you credit that you at least try to support your positions with some statistical backing. And the back and forth is very enjoyable, makes for more interesting discussions around the Kings
There's a major issue with NBA's extension rules
While the rules won't change in time to help the Raptors and Wizards with VanVleet and Kuzma, a rule change this summer could avoid this situation coming up next season with the likes of Atlanta Hawks guard Dejounte Murray, Raptors forward O.G. Anunoby, Sacramento Kings big man Domantas Sabonis and Boston Celtics star Jaylen Brown.

Those four players are extension eligible this upcoming offseason, but for far less than what they could earn when they become free agents in 2024.
It is intersting to see, how slowly NBA is changing point of view to Kings. A lot of journalists and blogers have to admit, that Kings are very surprising and good. And especially it is amazing to see, when NBA post an article , where they put Sabonis not just to All Star, but to starting five....
It would be a huge recognition for Sabonis and Kings team, if Sabonis would make it for real.
It’s so odd how the kings got raked for trading a 22 year old no time all star making 4mm for a 26 year old 2 time all star making 18mm. Both of whom now are in line to be possible starters (won’t because of voting) in the AS game and both in line for max contract extensions.

Also, somehow putting pieces together that actually fit vs. just hypothetical good players is a problem too. Toronto and Orlando have great hypothetical good teams.
I hope the extra day between the Toronto debacle and the Timberwolves game will help Sabonis. As I mentioned in the Toronto game thread, he seemed to have trouble catching and holding onto the ball, which led to a high turnover rate the past two games. That thumb injury has got to be hurting.
If you were GM and the Pacers call wanting a "tradesies backsies" would you do it?

Hali was my favorite player when he was here, and I absolutely think he's a future allstar, but there's no way I'm trading Sabonis for him straight up today.

Domas has been freakin insane this season.
I think that's very reasonable. I too love Hali, who too is playing well, and but for his injury, would have likely been an As this year.

As of now though, Domas is the better player in my opinion, and this is without even considering that he's a better fit for our roster. Fox and Hali were not working out. Once we added Davion, it just got worse. So, all in all, can't complain. Wish Hali the best though.