Do we trade Bogi? (split from FIBA thread)

If by similar, you mean both players fit the description of what a shooting guard should look like, then I see nothing wrong with that. In a perfect world, you want to keep both Buddy and Bogi. What it comes down to, assuming both players perform the way we think they will, is money. There isn't a contract extension on the table right now for Bogi because of the rookie contract he signed, which was for 3 years instead of 4. So I think the most the Kings can offer in an extension is around 50 mil for 4 years, which won't cut it in my opinion.

I think it will take somewhere around 17/18 mil a year for 4 years to resign him, which I think is fair, but then it's not my money. The Kings can likely resign everyone on the team they want, as long as they're willing to pay the money. Look at the top teams in the league, and you also see the biggest payrolls in the league. What you don't want is to have one of the biggest payrolls and not be competitive.

Personally, I want to keep Bogdanovic, but if it looks like the price is too high, and the right offer comes along, then I'd be on board with trading him. But lets see how he performs this season first. If he can repeat what he did in the world championships, then pay him whatever he wants because you have the makings of an all star. I know everyone is sold on Buddy, but lets be honest. Bogi's biggest problem last season was his shooting. Other than that, he's a better passer and ball handler than Buddy. Buddy is a better rebounder. They could both defend better, but Bogi played and defended 3 different positions.

My point is, if Bogi can shoot the ball this season like he did in the world championships, then there isn't a lot difference between the two of them. Other than a little age
By similar, I mean best playing off the ball and running off double screens. High percentage 3 point shooter with defensive limitations. Neither really able to really swing to the 3 due to size (Hield) or poor rebounding (Bogdan).

The Kings don’t have a defensive stopper at the 2/3 who can shoot at 36% or better. If that player were to become available at 25 or less than I think a trade makes sense.

If Bogi plays like I expect/hope I think he gets 24 mil a year.
This’ll be a pretty interesting season but having potential and actually using it doesn’t always happen. And that doesn’t imply to just Bogdanovic.

Do I want to trade Bogi or Giles no I do not.
But based on what I have seen fox, buddy, Barnes and Bagley are not tradable.
The new guys I will not pass judgment on yet.

Hopefully the others have a solid or break out year as we need them to perform.
The problem I think people are not accounting for is the money to pay Buddy and Bogi is most likely going to come from the money Ariza is making today.

If Gabriel can play back up 3 then it might make sense to pay Buddy and Bogi. If he can’t then chances you make a trade as a back-up 2 is easier to draft than a bigger wing.