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I had to start this thread after watching UCLA come back from a 32 point deficit in the third quarter to end up defeating Washington State 67-63. Low scoring game might be your first thought, right? What if I mention it was FOOTBALL and not basketball?

This is why I love college sports!!!

Harbaugh still can’t beat Ohio state.
I know Ohio is really really good but Michigan hired harbaugh specifically to build this team to finally beat OS. Harbaugh has his guys there. Urban left and this was suppose to be the wolverines beat chance to beat them. How long will Michigan tolerate getting whooped by Ohio state before they finally blow out harbaugh?

if you watch navy run their offense it’s the exact same thing the Baltimore ravens run. They even line up in the same formations. Navy has run this offense for years.

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I don't know if there are even two people on this message board besides me who listens to the the LeBatard show, but if Navy holds on to win this, they will officially lead the nation in TYFYS.
Huge win for NAVY! Wasn’t even close.

Even out at sea our captain would knock off ships work (except for the duty section) to watch NAVY/ARMY. It was a big deal to us out in the fleet.

hope my fellow shipmates were able to catch this a$$ whoopin we laid on ARMY!