Out of Control College Football

The Armed Forces Bowl between Tulsa and Miss St last night was an emotional game from the start. The word "chippy" gets thrown around a lot. I don't really like it but it describes what happens when teams really don't like each other. The play can get nasty with players literally trying to hurt each other. It can escalate. Central Carolina has made some questionable plays this season also.

Basketball is a contact sport, but football is a collision sport. It is up to the coaches and the refs to control the game, just like basketball. College sports teams represent their schools. The are institutions of higher learning. The code of conduct needs some review. The referees need to have some discussion about how to control games better. Ejecting players from the game is probably the best way to send a message. Coach Leach formerly of WSU did not help last night discounting what happened at the end of the game.

Anyone else have any thoughts about physical altercations in sports.?
Physical alterations have happened since time memorial in team sports at all levels. It's still relatively rare refs let it get out of control or the players/coaches do not intervene to stop from going hog wild. I did not see the Armed Forces Bowl but NCAA can now enforce some punishment if warranted against one or both schools, coaches, etc. At the moment I am appalled the "Grand daddy of them all" Rose Bowl moved from California to Texas. Regardless of the final score of today's Alabama-Notre Dame game one thing for sure, Texas wins and California loses!