California Classic Game 1 Kings versus Warriors 7/1/19

Fox/Buddy/Barnes/Bogi/Harry/Bags all in attendance.

How much would I have to pay to see them play the second half?
A player with a $25M contract is getting in excess of $300,000 per regular season game. Given the NBA pay scale, and the non-negligible risk of injury, I'm thinking that a quarter million would be kind of lowballing it, but it's only for one half, so... maybe?
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I'd like to see Derrickson get some more minutes from here on. Dude's a sniper and physical. He's the only other real 2 way target that I see on this squad.
Guy had an okay game if he could ever set his feet before he shoots he might be a whole lot better. He floats, drifts, or leans too much. He had one opportunity where all he had to do was shoot and he turned it over shuffling his feet. He had lots of turnovers. I don't see him as a backup pg at all. Also, if Jimmer struggles to make a squad I dunno about Guy . . .

JJ also had an okay game he had two free throws to seal the game. Had a nice break away steal for a dunk and he also deflected the ball several times. He shot a corner 3 that was about 2 and 1/2 ft too long. He is active on offensive boards but stood around a lot when the team was initiating the offense. I don't like the soft lay-ins, but he did have a nice put-back. He may have NBA height but not nearly the build.
I don’t even think Guy looked that bad. Some jitters at the beginning but came back in and settled down. He had a few nifty passes in traffic, he clearly has good vision. People keep comparing him to Jimmer when Guy is easily more athletic than him, Jimmer looked very mechanical out there while Guy looked pretty fluid. It’s his first game at the next level, he looked pretty in control most of the game outside of the first couple of minutes.