Bagley Knee - Cleared to play!

I can understand needing more time to heal, but it's still disappointing nonetheless. I hate to bring up Doncic here, but I've gotta say it does hurt to see him tearing it up lately while Bagley sits on the sidelines.

I want to see our man develop into a dub dub machine.
Ayyyy....then don’t bring him up. Doncic has nothing to do with Marvin being out with an injury.
Kneecap bruises can take a long time to heal. The almost constant movement of the kneecap makes the healing process take quite a while. I've had this injury; even though it's just a bruise it can make the knee feel like it's on fire.
Not sure if it was lost in the game sub last night but i asked Vlade before the game and he said Bagley will for sure be back Monday night.
I hope so. Home against the Magic *should* be our best chance in weeks at a free-flowing game that is not high stress down to the wire, which would be the best for working Bagley back in. As long as we don't let Vucevic go off for a career-type night.