anybody want to partner on a club pair for half season?

I'm interested in buying a half club contract but really need somebody to go in with me. you need about $6K for your "quarter".

I'd divide the half season by a draft - we each choose our games.

In tandem with this I'd like to find someone to go to the games with me - at about $270 per ticket (so I can't afford to take a half-hearted wife, I'd rather take a "pay your own way" friend).

So, either someone to buy a quarter season, or someone to buy a single ticket for all or most of a quarter/half season, or a combination of the two approaches could be great (we each take a few pairs, and split the other pairs)

Time of the essence. We'd have the ability to renew next year for 3% more, and stay in the seats for a new contract when this one expires - depending on the deal.

We'd be joining up with a long time STH who is a Laker fan if that's a deal breaker :)

IM me asap if you're in.
still available. I'll go to 21 games with you, or split them 11/10 either way. Really amazing seats but I need a partner in crime to pull it off... won't go an a limb for the entire half-season by myself.