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    Who is available as 6th-7th pick

    Great interview, Wow this is the attitude we nee around Cuz.
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    Who is available as 6th-7th pick

    Yup I do a lot! Burke, Noel, Dieng, Oladipo and then Porter.
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    Who is available as 6th-7th pick

    I like Oladipo but that would mean we release Douglas? Porter is nice but I feel he is going to have to change is release on his jumper or he is going to get blocked a lot.
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    Who is available as 6th-7th pick

    I agree, actually if we stay at 6 or 7....I go Gorgui Dieng. dude would be a nice defender with 6'11" size next to Cuz.
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    Who is available as 6th-7th pick

    What about C.J. McCollum?? He seems Curry-ish? 6'3" pg.
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    Local buyer reportedly enters the picture!

    I just hope Stern gives a local buyer a chance like he said he would.
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    We need to trade Cousins, but have to wait for his value to improve...

    This is exactly how I feel. Sigh.
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    Looks like Power Balance Pavillion will have a different name for next season!

    as long as the Kings are in Sacramento you can name it whatever.......:cool:
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    Kings extend qualifying offer to Jason Thompson

    most years another team can offer is 4.
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    Sacramento arena plan talks to ramp up again

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    Questions on draft selections

    This hurt my head.
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    I think he might retire, if not he will stay a Celtic.
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    Combine measurments

    been saying this for a while, love this kids attitude and mindset. would be great for Cuz.
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    John Henson the best fit next to Cousins?

    he might to the vert portions.
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    Combine measurments

    yeah it is now on espnu....i dunno about online.