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One of these days, I'm going to start a new thread, here in the #Lounge, to reboot the old WWSD concept, for the social media era. Except that it's going to be called "#WWST?" (What Would Slim Tweet?), so as to recognize the fact that I actively follow several people on Twitter, but I do not actually have a Twitter account. It's going to be full of stuff that I would tweet, in response to other people's tweets, if I could be arsed to create an account of my own.

Like this, for example:

To which, my reply would have been:

The most amount of money you can have, in coins*, without being able to make EXACT change for one dollar is $1.19.

*U.S. Currency

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Non-tweet commentary: I understand that actors don't have a lot of control over who directs the projects that they get cast in. But IMDb credits Natalie Portman as a producer on 9 completed projects (7 movies + 2 docus), and the executive producer of record on 5 of those 9. There wasn't a woman director on any of them.

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/My first #FauxTwitter thread:

I have thoughts about this:

First, I'm actually philosophically opposed to most displays of sportsmanship EXCEPT at high school level & below. The comments underneath this obvious feel-good tweet are filled with the sort of ****ery that I expected, but still find disappointing.
Second, I will be happy when these bitter, self-important "back in my day" headasses will stop lying to themselves about participation trophies.
Every new generation comes around, and older generations start repeating this lie about how *suddenly* these new soft kids have to get ribbons and trophies, just for showing up. I'm going to be forty-five in a few months; participation trophies have been around MY WHOLE LIFE!
We are heading into the fourth generation of bitter-assed old people (and headass young people who have internalized their elders' headassery) acting like participation trophies are brand new. ****ing stop it!
Third, even if this insultingly obviously lie WERE true, you headasses are pointing the blame at the wrong place: it ain't the kids' fault.
If kids today are "soft," that's they parent's fault. That's they aunties and uncle's fault. That's they big brothers and sister's fault. That's they grannies and granddaddy's fault.
And all this crying and whining and complaining about participation trophies... the KIDS ain't ask for them, so whose idea do you think it was? Participation trophies don't buy themselves. You think that trophy stores stay in business, because of the KIDS?! FOH
If you really want to keep it
, "Participation Trophy" culture started when Baby Boomers became parents:
They were raised on fairy tales of American Exceptionalism, told to them by the "Greatest Generation," and then, when their own children turned out to be less than exceptional, they weren't prepared to deal with that.
They created the entire concept of Participation Trophy culture because, if Little Johnny isn't exceptional, then what does that say about ME?
And then, once they reach the age where they're out of the "actively raising a child" business, they revise history, like they're a school textbook publisher in Texas, and pretend that the generation that came after them invented it.

I'm tired.


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11. Not far behind you. And the "on TV" thing was from the Crown Downtown city council meetings trying to get the arena deal done, so I'm not sure how much that counts. Maybe also in the background at public events (post Kings game crowd by the commentators, etc.) as well?
As a Kings fan, I think that's pretty important. If you guys hadn't done what you did, I wouldn't have a team to root for in the NBA. Thanks to you and Mike and Lynne and Jeff and everyone else - it needs to be said more than once.
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