What would the kings offer for the #1 pick?(if aldridge comes out)

Tyrus Thomas

Has probably played his way into the Top 5, if he leaves. He is an absolute stud. Not as polished as Aldridge, but he can play some serious defense. I love his motor too. I know Larry Brown is already talking him up.

Glenn Davis is intriguing. I like him alot as a player. He's very good at positioning his body on defense, and for offensive rebounds as well. He's a very nimble athlete, but cannot jump very well. I don't think the comparison to Tractor Traylor applies because Davis is a better all-around athlete, his bulk is far more solid, and he has a better handle and offensive game. However, Traylor was a MUCH better leaper. Davis would be a solid pick for the Kings where they currently sit.

My Top 5:
Aldridge (the top pick)
Morrison (especially if the Jazz have a Top 5 pick)
Marcus Williams
Tyrus Thomas
Rudy Gay (I'm not sold, but his workouts will be impressive)
I guess Thomas, Gay, Aldridge, Bargnani and Morrison would be TOP-5.
But if a team needs SG there's a chance Roy will go at number 5 or maybe even 4. And of course there's also Noah.
With Gay possibly coming as low as №7(after all these guys) this draft doesn't look so bad. Though all three of Thomas, Aldridge and Noah must be declaring for this to happen.
Florida play Villanova in Elite 8. I know that for two years Villa is accustomed to play without size but Noah and Horford are two very athletic big men and it is very likely they can have career nights against Villa which put Gators in Final Four.
LSU is already there.
I just don't think both of them will pass up on oportunity to be in top half of the lottery. What they are saying is that they don't think about draft right now and are not saying that they absolutely sure they will return.
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Man I REALLY hope Horford, Noah, and Tyrus Thomas all declare for the draft. That'd make this draft a lot better, and it'd give us a good chance of getting a good athletic PF. I heard O'bryant(or Hibbert, not sure which one) might go too. Some teams like the portland trailblazers, need a center and not a PF. Chicago would probably draft Aldridge, and the hawks need a center too. There are some teams like Orlando who will draft wing players(I think so anyways) like Brandon Roy. I REALLY hope we can trade up and get Tyrus Thomas, but if we can't Horford would be REALLY good.
BMiller52 said:
I heard O'bryant(or Hibbert, not sure which one) might go too.
I think it's O'Bryant. He has very good Tourney and looks like late lottery at this stage. He also showed some potential holes in his game so he should declare because next year he will probably be first option on offense which may not look as pretty as this year's run.
It's just that he has really little chance to improve his stock with another year so why risk and expose himself with another year in college.

BTW I hope Kings can acquire Josh Boone(UConn) and Justin Williams(Wyoming).They remind me of Pollard(Boone looks like rich man's Scott)-Clark(Keon may have been a bit more athletic but Justin is a hard worker and doesn't seem to be a headcase) pair Kings had in 2002-03.
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Hibbert isn't coming out till next year, O'Bryant same thing, only a bit of unclarity. Both are sophmores and still developing. Horford I think has already said he's not, and isn't projected to right now anyways. Also a sophmore. Noah isn't projected to right now, and he's unclear on it. Also a soph ;). Thomas is on the mocks, but I haven't heard him talk about the draft much, and is only a freshman...

I'd love to draft any of those guys though if they're just about ready to go pro. I also agree on Justin Williams.
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I missed O'Bryant, forgot he was still there, and I don't really read other mock sites other than nbadraft.net . Who seem to be the best.

Roy Hibbert is on neither, ditto Horford. As how it's gone mostly. I think Noah will be up on nbadraft.net in the next mock draft update, in reality though, it's still unclear. O'Bryant realistically from what I've gathered is kinda up in the air. Thomas has already been discussed.

http://www.nbadraft.net/stockwatch025.asp (Boone one is outdated though)
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You really think Noah and Horford are going back to school? When has an even moderately successful Florida player stayed in school? They would be very wise to leave. Billy Donovan is the East Coast Steve Lavin, and is not very good at developing players for the next level. He has had bountiful recruiting classes each year, and the only lottery pick I can think of was Mike Miller, unless you count Kwame Brown.
Well, I never said anything definite on the Florida guys.

I don't know really honestly, just going by what I've read around the news sites and draft sites the last week or so.