what was the last movie you watched?

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Haywire - Some good fight choreography - which there had better be when your lead is an MMA fighter - otherwise not much else to celebrate.

Bummer. I continue to seek out Soderbergh directed titles within the same zip code of fun as Ocean's Eleven and Out of Sight. This was not it. This was a Jason Bourne knock-off with poor plotting and worse character development. Boring when it's supposed to be tense. Funny when it's supposed to be serious. Lots of Carano either running, fighting, or mumbling into phones and the middle distance.
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Bad Boys for Life

Nostalgia all over again. Smith was good but I don't like what Lawrence has turned into since the second Bad Boys installment and I didn't care much for the story once it turned upside down towards the end. Nonetheless, a decent movie considering it's been 17 years since the crew got together.
Just Mercy

Michael B. Jordan has turned into a really good actor. A good movie to watch about how a Harvard Lawyer rises to the occasion to help Alabama inmates sentenced to death row and the justice system against him in every turn, until perseverance eventually triumphs.


The cake is a lie.
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Started watching Vera Cruz (1954) recorded off TV a while ago. I've got a few things recorded to watch while on the elliptical, but it will take a few sessions to get through each movie. :)


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Quiet Storm: The Ron Artest Story (2019) Showtime being free is really giving me a chance to see films I would never have seen. This one really opened my eyes. It's available on Amazon Prime, which said this... "In the world of professional sports, no American athlete ever came back from a mental health disorder... until Ron Artest, now known to the world as Metta World Peace."

It was touching to me to listen to Ron speak so honestly about his demons. I know it's awfully easy to forget those are real people behind those jerseys. This documentary really brought that point home.
Like Water for Chocolate - Much more obvious approach to magical realism than Roma, and for the first act I was really enjoying the romantic tension and emotion + cooking = magic effect angle. Unfortunately, the last two acts dragged, I lost a connection to the central romantic pair, and ended up finding the coupling for which I was supposed to be rooting soured. Really destroyed any real payoff in the end.

Babel - or Brad Pitt and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Set of Days ... which come to think of it could be the title for Se7en too. Probably more appropriate for the latter given this one ends with a lower body count and no one's head in a box.

Anyway, this is meant to showcase culture clashes forcing otherwise blameless people into bad situations. But, what I mostly saw was a multicultural parade of people making obviously bad decisions, that put them in bad situations, where they then made worse decisions. It's the non-horror equivalent of yelling "Don't go upstairs you idiot!" for two and a half hours.
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Watched Hostiles. Didn’t love it, didn’t hate it. Christian Bale is always enjoyable to watch in his roles. Rosamund Pike was ok, Wes Studi was his usual presence but Ben Foster was way underutilized.
The Way Back

I don't think Affleck was the right actor to play this role but other than that, it's a basketball movie and I need my fix in someway so I gave it a go. Decent watch, alcoholism is devastating.
Enjoyable if you can’t find another movie to watch
LOL Major Caveat :)
I've completed Netflix!

(and yeah yeah, its actually on Hulu and Prime; I know this because I deliberately sought it out at one point. I do enjoy the leads. Especially Ms. Kendrick, but this was not a good movie despite it having some fun moments). But hey, we're gonna be inside for a while. :D
The Invisible Man was really good. Tense and good acting. I was also on fire last night calling what was going to happen...although it was probably pretty predictable lol
Scott Pilgrim vs The World - Lost count of the times I’ve seen this, as it’s firmly in my top 10 favorites, but was a first time watch for my wife. Not her kind of movie. She spent most of the time on her phone, not unexpectedly. But after watching Roma and Like Water for Chocolate with me, she asked midway through Pilgrim “Is this another ‘magical realism’ movie?”

And you know what, I’ve never thought of that before, but yes, it kinda does fit that in a very loose sense of the term. Amazing how a fresh set of eyes can bring new perspective to a work you’d thought you’d completely consumed already. Even if those eyes spent most of their time glued to a phone screen.
I could tell, as there were things that kept flying towards the screen.

:cool: That's you with the 3D glasses on. I was watching the even worse flat version, unfortunately.
When I watched this, it was with this thing :eek: And yes it is as silly/unwieldy as it looks. Thankfully I have the 3D projector now - I really should get on that small catalog of unwatched 3D movies I have.

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