What 3 things do you want to see in camp/Training Camp 2019

Luke Walton on Media Day:

"When we get stops, that's when we're a jailbreak team."

"But if a team scores, or we're taking the ball out of bounds after a dead ball, we want to be able to flow."

"If we want to not only get to the Playoffs, but then win in the Playoffs, we have to be able to execute. So we can't be a team that's always throwing the ball and playing as fast as possible all the time. We have to be able to score in the half court."

"So we have to start working on execution. And understanding the difference of when we're in a jailbreak, a fast break, when we're transition, and it's more that secondary offense. And then when it's just straight, we're coming down to execute a play right now."

Whew. This just made me breathe ten times easier
Where is the mental toughness going to come from?
The Kings have struggled with this concept since I started watching them 25 years ago.
Cousins never had it.
The Kings need to learn to Play Hard. They have the talent.
Dedmon needs to get with the program. So far he plays soft like Willie.
1. Bottomless grapefruit daiquiris for all minority owners, including and especially Shaq

2. Mandatory Tuxedo & Sneaker dress code for coaching staff.

3. Vivek interviewing training camp invites.