Welcome mr barnes

Barnes is coming here and will play on our terms, not his. We are fast-paced rim runners. It fits his real strengths, not his Mavs iso ball.

If he's a ball stopper or weak passer, Joeger as our HC should be able to stop those habits and help him assimilate to a different style of play.

I can understand not liking the trade if you don't like Barnes as a player. But frankly, the price we paid isn't really debateable. We gave up close to nothing. Jax was trending towards a deep bench role.
Yes I agree and I think he will work well in our system. Now the opponents are going to go crazy as we are going to run them out of the games. The small forward position just became a position of strength and he should get 30+ minutes a night with burks and Bogi taking up the rest.

What I love and what I wanted is to pick up people who were starting for their teams and had a good game as it will really make us much better.
Barnes is a hard worker gym rat guy.

I imagine him and buddy jelling seamlessly off court working out togther.

Barnes has always been a little stiff like buddy "was". Perhaps buddy will introduce barnes to his trainer who improved buddies fluidity
With these moves the Kings who are already a great 3pt shooting team, got better... Harrison BArnes is shooting over 6 3's per game this season at a 39% clip, thats gonna look great here, and actually speaking of the aesthetics --- Harrison Barnes jumpshot is very nice looking mechanics.
When Bagley fully develops his three and is the starting 5, and with Belly in the floor... the three point shooting is going 2 b iNsAnE!!o_O

Fox - 36%
Buddy 46%
Barnes 39%
Belly 43%
Bagley ?? (35% rough guess)

I realize that Belly is likely not the long term starter, but does this have a chance of being the best 3pt shooting lineup 1-5 in history?