Welcome Jahmi’us Ramsey


Hall of Famer
Ramsey had a lot of upside. He played for Texas Tech, which is one of those schools, like Virginia, Iowa St., Florida St., Villanova, and Kentucky, that if you don't play good defense, you don't play. He's an elite athlete with an explosive first step. He shot over 40% from the three, and was a good finisher at the basket. He needs to tighten up his ball handling and improve his passing. One thing he's good at is shot selection. In the games I watched he seldom took a bad or forced shot. I thought he had an outside shot of going at the bottom of the 1st round.

On common theme in all three of the Kings selection is all are good defenders, and all three can shoot the three. All three are coachable, and have good if not great BBIQ. This is how you start to build a culture on a team.
So Ramsey's number with the Kings will 3. Which means Yogi not coming back. Was Yogi a FA? Might mean Ramsey sticks on the 15 man roster, instead of an automatic G Leaguer.