Vince says he'll play one more year...


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a lot of us knew that he would play another year, he said so on numerous occasions. I wouldn't mind bringing him back for a vet min. but other than that, see ya.


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I would love to see him back in Sacramento and then transition to a coaching role with us.

I think it is unlikely to happen and to be honest he deserves to win a championship and/or retire a Raptor
He can retire as a Raptor in a number of ways, including being waived by the Kings at the end of the season next year (I think) and then picked up by Toronto. l know he's become a mentor to youth here in Sacramento at one of the high schools and I've heard he and his family really love living here. I think he would be an asset on the team next year and to the organization afterwards.

I do agree that he deserves a host at the ring. No matter what path he chooses, I wish him nothing but success.
I tbjnk if Vince wanted to ring chase the last place he would have signed last year is Sacramento. He strikes me as a guy who would havr loved to ha r been a key part of a team getting/competining for a ring, but doesnt find much value in getting a ring as a 12th man on a competitor just tobsay he got one. Also, not sure if Toronto has a spot for him...i likebthe idea of moving Shumpert or waivong him to make a spot for VC on a 1 year min of he interested in staying.


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unless it's for the vet min, no thanks. we already gave him $8m this year
Honestly its not the money, its the number of open slots. If all the the vets opt in the Kings will have room to sign one maybe two FA's. This could be one of the best years for the Kings to either leverage a RFA with offers the home teams can't match or even over pay for a quality FA that misses out with the four or five otehr teams with cap space break the bank signing the early fat contracts. This is the year to be patient, smart and pick your targets wisely. Done right we could lock up a Gorden force a sign and trade for a Wiggens as teams top out and the guys still want to get paid. To abuse one more military metaphor this will be the off season to keep your powder dry. I love Vince and if the off season winds down and we have a slot and he is still unattached great bring him on for a last year, but I'd hate to see the Kings commit to him early then have to pass up the chance to muscle a deal when teams are up against the cap and guys you want for the future are still out there.
It's possible that VC signed with the Kings last year but expected to end up with the Raptors or some other championship contender by the end of the trading deadline. It's also possible that Sacramento agreed to make him available, but were unable to move him. The fact that VC got the most minutes of any of our veterans in the last few weeks of the season tells us something. Food for thought.