[Game] Trailblazers @ Kings - 12/27/15 - 6 pm PST, 9 pm EST

Rondo is a beast. If only we didn't have black holes in terms of production from the SG spot we would be sitting pretty.

In regards to this game, please take care of the ball and for the love of God play perimeter defense. I don't understand why we are sagging to the paint against a team that shoots threes....
As soon as we pick up intensity on defense we look much better as a tem. If we could just play mediocre defense, we would be totally different team. Not just fighting for playoffs, but also making some noise there, once we come in.


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I think Seth decided that he spent first few years of his career trying to be like his brother and be a shooter. Now he decided to be a defensive guy. Could be a good idea. He can shoot just not like Steph. Future 3-d guy

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I'll never get over how epic Vlade is at every home game. Just casually perched watching from the tunnel.