The Wrestling Thread~


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I got bloodied the hard way the first time last night. During a drill someone decided to ad-lib and Cody Rhodes / Goldust dropped and uppercutted up instead of clubbing across the back.

Palm of the hand directly into my nose.


I love this stupid sport. Lmao
on one hand, we actually have our own Netflix sub in the household now because my partner wouldn't give it up and we finally got blocked from password sharing with my mom, so thankfully it is Netflix.

on the other hand, I was quite happy with having everything in one place.

on the third hand, I never watch RAW largely because they condense it to 2 hours on Hulu where I have ad-free and I never bothered to check with Peacock because I don't.

So, my #1 question is will Netflix run the full length way too long episodes of Raw in this deal?

Big day for the Johnson family. First Dwayne gets the rights to his name and put on the board of directors for TKO then in a completely unrelated move that absolutely has nothing to do with the fact her father is now a part owner of her place of employment, Ava gets named GM of a whole ass brand.

Nia Jax is winning the rumble at this rate.
Actually, at this rate, she's just going to receive "special consideration"...i.e. The Women's Royal Rumble is going to be called off, and Nia Jax is going to be granted an automatic title shot at WrestleMania, where she will successfully challenge for the Women's title in a squash match against Maxxine Dupri (said in my best Samantha Irvin-inspired voice), who will shock the world and defeat Rhea Ripley for the title at Elimination Chamber...:p:p:p