REPORT: Bucks To Chase After Kings' Bogdan Bogdanovic

I believe you misunderstood me. I am not suggesting that a player drafted by Milwaukee might refuse to play for the Kings.

I am saying that because the draft comes before free agency, the Kings and the Bucks in principle can't talk to Bogdan before the draft about his free agency preferences. Neither team would know whether Bogdan wants to agree to a sign-and-trade with the Bucks prior to the #24 pick being made. This makes designing sign-and-trades that involve the #24 tricky, because the Bucks may not select a player the Kings want. The Kings could tell the Bucks who they want, but if the Bucks don't think a trade is likely, they might pick a different guy that the Kings aren't interested in. At that point, the Kings might decide that Milwaukee's return package isn't good enough, and not make a S&T.

Because they are over the salary cap and can't offer more than the MLE, and we'll obviously match that. With respect to a potential Bucks pursuit of Bogdan, the Kings have the overwhelming upper hand in the situation.
Typing with one hand after surgery, so bear with me. I agree completely with you. The Kings hold all the power in the case of either of their SG's, meaning no one can legally force their hand. As you stated, the Bucks are limited in what they can offer, making a sign and trade the most likely option of obtaining Bogi. Bogi was our 2nd best player in the bubble after Fox, so I'm not sure why the Kings would want to deal him. Not every player on your team has to be a superstar. Bogi is the kind of player that a superstar wants on the floor with him.
Ah I see. Well that's on me then for failing to do my research! At this point I just can't be bothered, but your consistent attention to detail is appreciated as always. That makes this a rather bizarre rumor. So Milwaukee has every intention of doing a thing that they currently are unable to do? Okay guys, excuse me while I try to unroll my eyes...

Also, I did look up Milwaukee's contract situation now and threw up in my mouth a bit when I saw how much they're paying Khris Middleton. If I'm in the Milwaukee front office and I just watched my unbeatable regular-season juggernaut get exposed in the playoffs yet again I would be worried about how I'm going to be able to afford an enormous MVP-worthy Giannis extension in the near future not dumping salary to free up space to then overpay a pretty good role-player. If the Bucks have now entered that awkward phase where they're actively sabotaging their own future in a desperate bid to convince the superstar they drafted and developed to stick around, they've already lost. I can't recall an example of this type of panic buying turning out well for an NBA executive. If Giannis is not going to commit to them long-term unless they can prove right now that they're a legit contender, they might be better off shopping him for max value and reshuffling the deck.
I think they missed Malcolm Brogdon far more than they expected. Not surprising that they're interested in a similar player like Bogdanovic.
The MLE is supposed to be about $9.7M, so call it $10M. In today's market, that's a steal for Bogdan. It doesn't matter that we've already got Buddy locked up, if Bogdan miraculously signed a contract for the MLE, we would have to instantly match it. We offered him an extension last offseason that started at like $15-16M if I recall, and he declined, so I'd say that him accepting an MLE is an unlikely turn of events anyway.
Maybe, but Buddy was thought to have signed a pretty favorable deal though as well but in the end you get back what you put in and this team has put nothing in with either of these two lately. Ten million if used as incorrectly as the pieces at that position have can go from steal to drain pretty quick. And again, if things don't work out then that's just another multi-year eight figure contract you have to move. Vlade was able to get out of Dedmons and Hills deals fairly effectively but it still caused drama. FO changes, percentages leaning on coaching changes down the line, it's too risky IMO.

Vlade should have held onto that cap space last summer, or at least some of it, because of that same type of risk and uncertainty. He went all in and watched it blow up in his face for the same reasons it did with his free agent spending a few years earlier. Unless they fully commit to Buddy and Bogdan playing starters minutes and together this won't work and I think the situation is past it already. At least far enough to not make sense to move one of the best catch and shoot players for chump change and/or re-sign a player that has never looked to have much chemistry next to Fox in Bogdan nor never really gotten the chance to develop it. With the way things have turned out, the Kings might be extremely lucky that Bogdan bluffed himself out of that extension. Not necessarily because of talent or capability, but situation.