Rehashing Joerger...again (split)

Which part? Fighting his ways through the doldrums of minor league hoops, winning all the long, his Grit N Grind background in Memphis, or his amazingly successful 38 win season (seasons which legends are made here in Sac!) when he decided to play with wild pace here?
A team where Bjelica is a top-3 player isn’t a playoff team. He’s a good piece to have. A good complimentary piece. No way in hell is he a building block.
No one is saying that Bjelica is a building block or a top 3 player on a playoff team. Some of us are just saying that the team seems to go when Bjelica goes and the team falters when Bjelica's game is off. No one even blames Bjelica for this because he has zero expectations to be a top player or a building block for your team. He was just supposed to be a nice piece to help stretch the floor and inject some IQ into the team.

That's the fallacy with this team. They have to rely on players like Bjelica to be a top 3 player in order to win and you'll never win like that because he can't do it night in and night out. There needs to be more talent so when Bjelica has a night off, the Kings still have a chance to win.

Don't misconstrue this as Fox or Hield or whoever not having an impact on winning. It's obviously a team effort but Bjelica's good games are hardly ever empty number games and he just seems to have a high impact on winning when he gives you 20, 8 and 4. You could say that any player would have a high impact on winning with those numbers but usually Bjelica doesn't jack up a ton of shots a game so when his point totals are high, his shot attempts are usually low.
Link? Sorry but this is sensationalist hyperbole.
I took a day to catch my breath here because reliving it wasn't doing me any favors. Between December and February last year there were dueling narratives from "sources within the organization" coming out on a near weekly basis that were clearly coming from Joerger and Williams' camps. Williams was part of the FO so yes, I stand by my statement that Joerger was leaking the press info in a PR campaign against the FO. It was putting a rather sour stamp early on what was still a promising season at that point. They both rightfully lost their jobs. Yes, he was otherwise a good enough coach and easily the 2nd or 3rd best we have had since letting Adelman go. But I don't believe he acted professionally and his dismissal as a result was proper.

And with that I am going to bow out of the convo.