Reeves Nelson:


Hall of Famer
Reeves Nelson, the talented 6'8" SF/PF, Junior from UCLA, has been kicked off the team permanently by coach Howland. One could argue that he was their best player last season when he averaged 14 PPG, and 9 RPG while shooting 56% from the field. I don't know if they have drug testing at UCLA, but something has changed. Already this season he was suspended for missing practice, and then when reinstated, he missed the team plane to Hawaii.

The biggest shocker is that after showing up in Hawaii at his own expense, Howland actually let him play in the game. Then last saturday when I was watching the Texas/UCLA game, which was a good game until about 1/3 of the way into the second half, when Texas started to pull away, the camera went to the UCLA bench. UCLA was getting trounced by this time, and it showed Nelson on the bench laughing and joking.

I thought at the time, my god dude, your team is getting killed right now, your teammates on the bench with you all have their heads hanging, and your having a good time. I can guarantee you that his draft stock is dropping like a boulder. Its a shame, because he's talented enough to play in the NBA. I'd love to hear his side of the story. But regardles, thats not how you handle yourself if you want a future in the NBA. And his is doubtful at the moment.
I have a friend who covers ucla, he told me Reeves has a big time drinking problem, he was a waste of talent! I really think he could have helped and NBA bench......