Poll: How many wins next year?

How many wins will we have next year?

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After thinking about it for a while, I'm saying 46. This team wins 34 by talent alone. The other 12 comes after all star break when they start clicking...or maybe it implodes and they win 10...either way at least I'm interested
I chose 26-30.
This team is nitroglycerin. If anything goes wrong, anything, DMC blows up, Rondo decides he doesn't want to play, or vivek gets a burr up his ass and decides to fire Karl 15 games into a good start, this team could very easily explode. I want to be pleasantly surprised when they start crushing it.
i'd like to believe that this team is capable of 40+ wins this coming season. there are legitimate questions to be had about whether or not the roster will all fit together properly, but with a full training camp under george karl, perhaps we're in for a surprise. the kings now have greater depth to rely on, and their offseason acquisitions thus far have helped to improve the team's defense and shooting. there is reason for a bit of optimism, especially if demarcus cousins decides that being an injury replacement for the all-star team and being named second-team all-nba isn't good enough, and if he, rondo, and karl intend to form a winning partnership, rather than a trifecta of competing egos...
I went with 51-55. I predict a sluggish start of around .500 ball with some nice winning streaks later in the season that seem to be typical of George Karl teams. The only reason i think we start off sluggish is because of the new pieces and new coach.
I don't know honestly, but I think that if everything works out well, we can have a season like the Blazers in 13/14. In 12/13 they went 33-49 mainly because they didn't have a bench. They had Lillard, Matthews, Batum and Aldridge. But on the bench they had scrubs like Maynor, Leonard, Claver, Pavlovic and so on. Then, they added veterans and built a strong bench, with players like Mo Williams and Dorrell Wright, and Robin Lopez as their new starting C. No big moves, they just added the right pieces to have a deeper bench and surround their core. And they won 54 games that year. +21 from the year before is pretty amazing, but it shows it can be done.

Basically, that's what we have done this summer, even if I think we added better pieces than Portland. Approaching 50 wins sounds like a pipe dream, but I believe we have a chance if everything goes well.
Also I think our lineup is better than what Portland had and if we stay healthy we probably win 33 like they did.
I think our teams stack like this


I think our bench is a lot better and our 2man punch (DMC/Gay) is also better. I do dislike Robdo but if he can give us production at an average level we can get to 50wins. Also if Ben makes the leap that he did last year this year we can win 50.
The importance for a great season for this Kings team is to start the season well. With the personalities on the team along with Karl, this season cannot start on a long sour note. They have to start above .500. If they start like they did last season, then look out! Are the schedules out yet?
I'm very optimistic about the coming season. Now that Portland and Dallas are more or less out of the competition even before it begins, the prospects are even better. The DeAndre Jordan circus has in fact weakened the Clippers as well. Jordan's max contract will in essence block any significant roster additions there. It's a winnable team now.
41-ish, worst case scenario (for me, a worst case scenario does not involve any locker room blowups because I don't see that happening this year. My worst case would be a combo of Cousins, Rondo and Gay missing games through injury).
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