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The Game Thread Dude
The passive-aggressiveness at Ja is silly. His team is now winning (kind of) playoff games. Wake me when Fox gets us there then we can be petty passive aggressive.
also it was a whopping post after Ja clanked two free throws and was wiiiiide right on an open three so I feel like it was warranted.
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The worse part about lakers winning is they avoid the gauntlet of playing the grizz then Utah and probably LAC. Instead they get to avoid the elimination game Friday, then the sun and either the nuggets missing Murray or 6th seed blazers. There’s definitely a harder path and the Lakers avoided it. :mad:
Lol if the Lakers/Warriors game is any indication, Fox and the rest of the Kings team would have been absolutely destroyed in the play in game with the physicality the refs were allowing. Curry was being held and pushed like nobody's business.