On the clock at pick 60, Tacko Fall is available , do you draft him?

With the 60th pick in the NBA Draft would you draft Tacko Fall is he was still on board?

  • No I would of drafted him at 47 so he wouldn't be on board

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The kings have 3 second rounders this year. #40, #47, & #60
Also have 3 seconds in each of the next two drafts.

Would you take a chance to develop Tacko?
The kings have 3 second rounders this year. #40, #47, & #60
Also have 3 seconds in each of the next two drafts.

Would you take a chance to develop Tacko?
Right now, the odds of Taco Fall being drafted are less than 50% (probably closer to 25%). If you want he, I would take a chance on getting him on our Summer league team.


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All depends on whether you want to throw away a roster spot or not, or if there's someone else that you like better. At 60, teams are prone to use that kind of pick on an European player and stash him over there for a couple of years. That way your not burning up a roster spot and you still own the rights. I don't think Fall will ever be more than a player that gets around 10 minutes max a game, if that. Right now he's the antithesis of what every team is looking for at the center position.

Hey, I hope I'm wrong, for his sake.
I don’t think it’s quite as dramatic as “throwing away a pick,” but I get your point - that there may be better choices for the 60th pick.
Odds are against it, but he could become a valuable role player with 2-3 years of development. And who’s to say that a role playing rim protector won’t be valued more in 3 years?


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no. he is too big and slow. just not the type of center that will stick around in this league. I know with the 60th pick the possibilities of that player being in the league are slim anyway but I'd shoot for another player, such as one with shooting ability or good defense.
Bajaden hit it on the mark. There's only so many roster spots to go around. The Kings can't fill up the roster with a bunch of 2nd rounders. It's not like baseball where you can put them in the minors and let them develop. They are going to be made available to the rest of the teams if the Kings want to make them 2 way players or stick them down in Stockton without taking a roster spot in Sac.

They either need to draft a Euro and stash him overseas or make some sort of trade to move up in the draft so they can consolidate the picks. Otherwise they're stuck in a situation where they only have summer league and a few months to evaluate them. At that point they either potentially lose them or sign them to 2 ways or to Stockton if other teams don't want them.

In the last 20 years, the only player that's made a positive contribution from the 60th pick in the draft is Isaiah Thomas. Ginobili was picked 2nd to last. Other than that you've either never heard of the players or they never stepped foot on an NBA court. I wouldn't waste a roster spot on someone like Tacko if you can sign a player like Brewer cheap to take that seat and contribute something positive throughout the year.