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Bricklayer said:
Grades v. Lakers 01/16
I'm going to cop out a bit here, since most everybody played well, but no one player was dominant and without flaws:

Peja ( A- ) -- just an easy, easy outing for him. Noone to guard him, noone to bother him with help defense. Not individually his most brilliant game, but did all he needed to.
Miller ( A- ) -- absent offensively, but very strong on the boards, particularly in the second half. Had a couple of curiously awful turnovers of the "what the hell was he thinking" variety.
Vlade ( A- ) -- Vlade Divac is just a little bit of a better center than Jamaal Sampson -- who knew? Toyed with the Lakers sorry excuse for a frontline tongiht. Missed a few gimmes in there, but he probably could have scored 30 if we had just gone to him every time down the floor. Provided some good help defense at times as well.
Christie ( A- ) -- not a huge statistical game, but generally held Payton in check and made some nice plays on both ends of the floor. Did have a couple of dumb forces in the second and third quarters of DC-patented I'm-suddenly-and-inexplicably-going-to-go-one-on-four variety.
Bibby ( A- ) -- excellent offensvie game. Very very efficient. Gets the minus because he was getting worked on the other end of the floor, per usual. In this case there just wasn't anybody that he could guard -- Payton would chew him up, and when Doug took Gary, Bibby was shunted off to try to cover much bigger players.
Bobby ( A- ) -- started out cold and forcing, but settled in and was excellent for the remainder of the game. Lot of points, one great offensive rebound over a clueless Medvedenko. Was cost an easy assist by an absolutely awful fumble by Anthony Peeler.
Peeler ( C- ) -- I'm sorry, stats say that he got on the boards, and hence I'll bump him up from a D, but he really looked bad out there for most of his minutes. He's always been a streaky player, but bad passes, missed shots, fumbled plays...ugh.
Massenburg ( C- ) -- did very little out there. No need for the "D" or "F" since he didn't do anything to particularly hurt us, but not a contributor tonight.
Songaila ( INC ) -- garbage time
Wallace ( INC ) -- garbage time
Smith ( INC ) -- gabage time

Adelman ( A ) -- other than perhaps waiting a couple of minutes too long on the garbage time, no real complaints here. We followed a sluggish first half with the knockout blow in the third. Kind of the way a good team should toy with a bad one.
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Thanks Brick :)


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Thanks, vj9999...

That is something for the team to strive for, certainly! Perhaps we could get them to post a copy of these grades - and give them a reason to go out there and play tough!!



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vj9999 said:
OK, maybe a lounge topic, but maybe not. I was finding it hard to concentrate at work so I was wasting my time lloking up archives of old kingsfans.com threads.

I found this one with Bricklayer's grades against Lakers on 1/16. I hope we have many more games like that this season. I would like to see grades like that on consistent basis.

Well, to be fair as I recall that we was the game where the Lakers basically trotted out a NBDL team along with the ghost of Gary Payton -- think Malone, Kobe AND Shaq were all gone. So we weren't facing much competition.