No Jimmer? Makes no sense.

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The PG play from the Kings last night was horrid. Absolutely horrid. Jimmer is wasting away in Sacramento, not even getting minutes. Jimmer is better than IT, come on. Jimmer needs to be the starter and the team will actually start winning a few games. I don't want to say this, but I think race is playing an issue. Smart is holding Jimmer back. Jimmer has so much potential to be a star in this league and the organization, from top to bottom, is dropping the ball. Jimmer hasn't had a real opportunity since he's been here, it breaks my heart. The hardest working, and 3rd most talented player can't even get minutes for a lottery team and it isn't because of his abilities.

Sad to see.


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. The hardest working, and 3rd most talented player can't even get minutes for a lottery team and it isn't because of his abilities.
To say that is debateable is an understatement. Nonethless, if IT and Brooks were both this bad all season long sooner or later Jimmer would get bumped up and given shot. However both of them have proven to be superior NBA players to Jimmer in the past, and there is no reason to think they will struggle like that every night.

Oh, and playing the race card is pathetic, no matter which side is doing it.


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I don't know if, or what your smoking, or if your just a troll making outrageous statements, but what you just said was pure nonsense. And you know it! If I had to pick one team right now that I wouldn't play Jimmer against, its the Bulls. They happen to be the best defensive team in the NBA. If IT, and Brooks were having a hard time getting their shots off, what chance do you think Jimmer would have had? Totally ridiculous!


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Reke's a better PG than Jimmer. He's also a better PG than Brooks, and definitely better than what Brooks displayed last night.

It's more of a reason for Reke to handle backup point duties when IT isn't out there, and even with It out there we looked better when IT was playing off Reke, not the other way around, although I liked the way they split ballhandling duties in the 1st. Much like Beno/Reke used too.
I'd love to see Jimmer succeed and help the Kings win. But anyone who watched him last season or during summer league this year knows that he simply can't handle the ball against NBA pressure, struggles to create or get a shot off when guarded and lacks the lateral quickness to play even mediocre defense against point guards at this level. In short, at this point he's more or less relegated to being a spot up shooter and he hasn't exactly thrived there either.

Right now it's debatable whether Fredette really has an NBA future. I'd like to see him carve out an Eddie House or JJ Redick like role but his career arc could end up being closer to Adam Morrison. Either way, right now Keith Smart may be guilty of a few missteps but anyone viewing the situation logically knows that limiting Jimmer's minutes isn't one of them.
Until Jimmer proves he can keep a man infront of him and not over help on every play, he won't get consistant minutes, simple as that. That said it's not like we play to his strengths when he's on the court. Look at the plays the Bulls ran for Korver last year, they ran them for Rip/Marco B last night, guess what they got shots. Couldn't hurt to try Jimmer off some screens in garbage time could it?!

I do feel sorry for him in some respects because he can light it up, and he does have talent, imagine if he was on last years Bobcats team, i've no doubt he'd have had free reign and impressive offensive stats. It's exciting seeing a guy nail shots so i get the appeal.

the accusations against Smart that pop up everywhere are pure garbage, and the link with Jeremy Lin are also.

The way this team is set up I don't see it working out for Jimmer here sadly, but he's a great kid so i hope gets to be a role player eventually, here, or somewhere else.
Can we just close this thread? I'm a Jimmer fan myself (I have the shirt to prove it!), but quite frankly he is the 3rd, maybe 4th best PG on the team right now. I hope he can find some type of role on this team, but unless he grows 3 or 4 inches or magically becomes a defensive wizard, we'll only see him in certain situations.
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