NFL Opening, MLB Opening, Where's the NBA?

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NFL opening Sept 10, MLB opening in July, while the NBA is taking the courageous:rolleyes: move of opening their practice facilities for individual workouts. That's the spirit! I'm wondering if the football and baseball leagues are going to give the NBA cover to play games sooner rather than later. At least announce a date, NBA! Get your act together.
This is going to be good. Newsom says he doesn't expect to open sporting events this year. Guess the 49ers, Rams and Chargers will have to play all road games.

NBA's plan is to play without fans at a central location(s). They won't make the decision til June.


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There are several articles in the Kings News Link forum talking about what the NBA/Kings are doing. It's still all up in the air at this point. Whether you agree with how the state and various businesses are handling reopening the economy and all the businesses is a discussion for a different place.
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