NFL 2022-2023 Season Thread

There is no such thing as a cream puff schedule in the NFL, and you beat the teams you play. They are talented from top to bottom and are well coached. They will probably finish 14-3 or 13-4 and that’s no easy feat
They are talented and will make the playoffs, but none of it will matter if they get bounced in the wild-card or divisional which is a real possibility depending on who they play... Like it or not, they have feasted on the luck of their schedule so far - yes, opponents winning % means something. If they were in the AFC East, they likely have a couple more losses already. AFC is where its at...... Eagles are a good team, but Hurts has to prove he's ready for the Playoffs after last year. Honestly I'd love the 49ers to get the Eagles in the divisional....good team for them in the Playoffs, and the Bucs would be in their heads already. Eagles have the onus to prove they're actually a contender vs playoff fodder. They are not the 2017 Eagles. Hurts has improved, but I dont think they're making the jump. Despite the final,, they had trouble with the Texans. I haven't watched all the Eagles games, but that's the sense I get. See how they play against the Giants, and Titans and to a lesser extent Packers- notice I dont include the Cowboys who are middling looking and certainly not going anywhere.
Cowboys are a Jekyll and Hyde team....other week looked like crap but destroying the Vikings today.
The team has had a tendency to be that way in recent memory. I'm liking where we're sitting, though, at 7-3, but worry about the team's ability to come through past week 18. Should be 8-2, but we can leave that for another discussion.
I hate the Chiefs so much.
.....Hate Kelce, hate Mahomey......teams need to blueprint off Bengals last year - need a fast linebacker spying Mahomes so he doesn't munch 30 yard runs, and double Kelce. Eveyone else single coverage. - cover 1. Chargers would've had a fighting chance with Mike Williams and jumpballs but injured.
I don't know why teams continue to attempt to score that final minute go ahead TD against the Chiefs as fast as they possibly can.

Like Rodgers, how many times have they stormed down the field and won when the other team left too much time on the clock?


The Game Thread Dude
Jimmy G threw 4 TDs
CMC and Deebo both around 100 yards
Kittle with 84 yards and 2 TDs
Elijah Mitchell was unstoppable in the second half.

Disrespectful Kyle was in his bag tonight.
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