NFL 2021-2022 Season Thread

Wilson wasn't really playing well before injury....For a bit Stafford looked terrible, but he seemed to focus better in the 2nd half. He's a little better than Goof, but the Rams offense doesn't look that imposing.


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I mean, there’s always a chance he faceplants and Jim triumphantly hobbles out of the bye week to game manage this inferior-to-the-2019 team to some more losses.

But I think the future begins now. There will be growing pains. And it’s best to get them out of the way now than in the future. I just hope a potential L here (possibly without Kittle) doesn’t make KYLE go “See?!” and slam him back on the bench. Jim’s gone after this season. Grow the asset.


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Man, glad the Niners drafted a QB this year rather than in the next draft.
There’s always going to be one QB who winds up looking good out of his class but the “top” guys all look bad. Rattler absolutely looking terrible out there.

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Oh no, not the Pats kicker getting in his own head because Belichcick forced him to kick a 56-yarder in the rain that he missed
Poor Nick Folk is really gonna choke
All his confidence is going down
Someone made him kick out in the rain
I don't think he's gonna make it
Shattered psyche just can't take it
And he'll never hit an extra point again
Oh no...


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Nothing against the Pats, but I’m really glad they’re losing to the Texans of all teams after all the bizarre props and compliments they and Mac got this week from the sports world.