NFL 2021-2022 Season Thread

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Love three years. Because I’m not sure how elite he is without the wide back, and he’s surely not doing that anymore with another contract at the end of this one on his timeline.
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Flores vs. Ross is just so lolzzz. Both suck. Ross got caught. Flores made some world class sketchy calls that had Vegas/the football world questioning whether dude was fixing games/sane. As far as I'm concerned, dude should be banned to high school football for the rest of his life.

Exhibit A for a sample of his WTF decisions:

For those, who don't bet, that timeout and decision to run a zero blitz before the half likely destroyed millions in 1H and full game bets on the Dolphins (spread and ML).


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Suddenly feeling a little better about…

:::checks notes:::

… Jake Brendel!
Brendel actually looked pretty good last preseason if I remember correctly. More concerned about Aaron Banks really. The rookie RG is apparently looking pretty good against the Niners monster D-Line and as long as we have Trent Williams, Trey should at least be able to avoid getting murdered by a blindside hit.
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