New Rise Guys. . .

Personally,i can't stand the guy,i think he has "me" attitude,and is very sexist.just my opinion, thanks for asking,been wanting to get that off my chest for awhile.
I like that FP is a local guy but I'm not big on him on that show. I would love to see Eric Byrnes in there when his playing days are over though.

I actually miss Kevin Radich.


I think it was FP himself who started this thread!! Poor guy! I think you're doing great FP, just ignore the other replys.
I like FP, I think he brings a fresh take on most sports issues, he is also pretty damn funny. Not to mention FP has some first hand sports knowledge unlike the 2 other clowns on the Rise Guys seem to just be talking out there....

If they get rid of Whitey and Phantom I would tune in and listen more. Until that day happens my radio is on KNBR.
SoupNazi said:
I think it was FP himself who started this thread!! Poor guy! I think you're doing great FP, just ignore the other replys.
Hey he asked.

I do like the show still though.

I'm a big KNBR guy in the afternoons. 680 and 1050.
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FP is good, I kinda liked Rat too, although I disagreed with him a lot, but FP is funny and doesn't take himself too seriously, Phantom rules. Brokeback Peja almost made me drive off the road :D .
No I'm not F.P.

Thanks for your replies. I don't much like him either. In fact often times I find the show unlistenable. No I am not F.P., as someone else has suggested!
He's all-right .... I don't see him lasting that much longer. Actually, he bores me, but he's bearable. I too, think he's got something going on with a woman in a man's world (when it comes to certain things). Not sure what kinda contracts these guys work-up. I certainly wouldn't replace him with Dave from Carmichael. Can't listen that much to him either ... repeats himself ALOT. Says we'll be taking some calls ... and then he rambles on for 15-20 minutes. Does that alot .... I can't stand it ... so I turn it off. I've even heard Phantom say stuff "right to him" about certain topics. This past past week it was all the SEXUAL CONOTATION about the new movie, Broke Back Mountain ... Phantom was trying to be serious, and FP kept making wise-cracks about it.

of the two that have left, Justin Case and Kevin the Rat ... I liked Kevin.

Kevin has been in the business a while and put some really interesting thoughts and perspectives on ALOT of different topics around sports. He took his work very seriously and professionally, but he sounded like he was having fun while doing it. His time in the business, allowed him to bring in many good interviews. I hated to see him leave.

Personally, I don't know how long I could've put up with Byrnes in the booth (not that KHTK wanted him) ... I like him, he's a HIGH-OCTANE player, he's interesting and he's a excellent interview ... but, to hear him for 4 hours, 5 days a week ... don't know if I could do that.

That woulda been great to have Frank Red come in for awhile ... love his show.

Not sure if any of you caught Little Joe's show last night ....

I don't know, these guys get off on TOO MANY tangents ... it's a SPORTS TALK RADIO SHOW ... who gives a crap about CUTTIN' SOME GAS IN THE BOOTH in front a HOT CHICK ...and he wanted the callers to call in with their opinions on if he handled the situation correctly ... GIVE ME A BREAK.

I turn on The Rise Guys while I'm driving to work, and Grant & Mike during the drive home, and then listen at night while I'm going to bed.

One thing I can say for sure about Grant and Mike ... THEY TALK SPORTS
That's why they get the ratings .... whether we agree with them, like-it-or-not ... THEY TALK SPORTS

Frank Red, for the most part .... TALKS SPORTS

... and they (all three), take ALOT of calls

The Rise Guys - before F.P. used to do alot of "caller type stuff" ... not so much anymore. When Whitey or Phantom talk about sports, they make it interesting .... FP gives his opinons and likes/dislikes ... I think maybe he takes himself to seriously ... lighten-up or loosen-up ... Whitey and Phantom do the same thing, but it's their delivery that keeps me listening. It wasn't all HIGH & MIGHTY

Now that Monty isn't doing the 9 to midnight ... the evening show is not getting my interest. Monty said alot of controversial things, but that was his job. His topics/remarks would light-up ALL THE LINES.

... you asked - you got it

I think what separates good sports talk radio show hosts from the rest is perspective, and insight. Anyone can memorize stats and rosters, but to actually use that knowledge to provide insightful and interesting perspectives on sports related subjects is something else entirely. Most of the KHTK talent has that ability. Grant & Lamb, Whitey & Phanton, Carmichael Dave & Jason Ross. Kevin the Rat did too.

F.P. just does not offer anything insightful. He knows about Baseball, obviously, but even then, doesn't offer much perspective. He couldn't even finish an interview with Jason Schmidt. Anyone listen that segment? If someone doesn't have as much or preferably more insight then I do, why would I be interested in anything they have to say? Unless they are funny, and let's face it, F.P. is no comedian.

He can amusing at times, however. Unfortunately too much of his humor is of the "locker room" variety. I'm guessing most of the "affluent male audience" KHTK advertises as their demographic has matured enough to be less interested in locker room or bathroom type humor.

I do notice he's not talking nearly as much anymore, perhaps management has had a talk with him. Perhaps he will improve. I doubt it though. He has been on the air with KNBR as a fill in for a few years. They would not hire him for a full time gig, however. I think they were wise in not doing so.
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