New JJ

JJ hasn't been super productive in SL, but I really like what I've seen from him. He's very athletic, good size/length, already showing a lot of potential defensively, has a high IQ. He's a good ball handler and he's very unselfish, regularly finding cutters and the open man. Shows potential as a slasher and creater. He needs to improve his shot significantly but he's got good elevation on his jumper, and he has solid form when he's set and under control.

I especially like the way he carries himself. He moves with a certain confidence that not a lot of young players have. Very eager to see how he does over the coming seasons. Listening to him speak just reinforces that, very bright and switched-on kid.
His dunking is what stuck out most for me in his highlights....throws down with fire.
I'm expecting literally nothing with this guy. Interested to see what he can show us. He feels like a "intangibles, don't look at box score" kinda player but hopefully he's more than that.