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But Lonzo has this aura about him, a special intrinsic value that inspires his teammates to play better and to pass the ball. Just having Lonzo on the court improves everyone's play in a way which stats cannot measure, he has intangibles alright, leadership and inspiration. His impact cannot be measured on the court by any stats, fg%, PER, +/-, it just doesn't matter. You guys cannot see the impact he has on the game :rolleyes:
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LaVar Ball, the father of UCLA freshman LiAngelo Ball, talked Wednesday about his son's arrest in China.

LaVar Ball said, "I'm going to wait until I get more intel on what's going on" before he comments on LiAngelo Ball's arrest but said he's not worried. "He'll be fine," he said. "Everyone's making it a big deal. It ain't that big a deal."

LiAngelo, LaVar’s middle son, was arrested with teammates Cody Riley and Jalen Hill after allegedly stealing sunglasses from a Louis Vuitton store. The trio were released on bail Wednesday. According to a Yahoo Sports report, the three are confined to the Hangzhou hotel as the legal process plays out and may not be able to fly back with the team once its exhibition against Georgia Tech in Shanghai is completed.


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Man, that fourth quarter was a disaster for the Pelicans, even though they technically outscored Toronto in it. They went into the quarter down twelve, they only got ten defensive stops in the quarter, and then they only scored five points off them. It was so wild, that I started keeping track. Here's all what they did, when they did manage to stop Toronto in the fourth:

Davis miss layup
Moore miss 3-ptr
Davis OOB turnover
Nelson OOB turnover
Davis +2 (FTs)
Davis blocked at the rim
Cousins charge turnover
Davis miss jumper
Moore +2 (jumper)
Miller +1 (FT - garbage time)

And every other time that Toronto had the ball in the fourth, that I don't have listed above, they scored.
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