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The headline here is about Kyrie but downstream it talks about the Charlotte job. Apparently cheaping out on assistants may have been a factor besides the reported family decision.


But for any new head coach, the Hornets have been intent on retaining a large portion of the staff—many of whom have one full season of guaranteed salary remaining on their deals—from previous head coach James Borrego, sources said. Before Atkinson put pen to paper on his contract, he and the Hornets were unable to come to financial agreements for his new assistants, sources said. Charlotte is known to be among the league's bottom five teams in coaching staff salary.
I've been pretty happy about the folks Brown has brought in and it seem the org found a way to do right by a few of the assistants that were on staff that they liked as well, so kudos to us for at least not screwing that part up.
He put up huge numbers for the Pacers at times after the trade but they also weren't trying to win games and had the worst defense in the league.
Yeah I said any team with Buddy is playing 4 on 5 on D and the retort was that his offense is good enough to play 35 minutes a night for a 6 seed. I feel like Sacramento believed that for years.
Who makes the playoffs first? A blown up and rebuilt Utah.. or Sacramento.
Knowing our luck, not only will they make the playoffs before we do, they'll also win the Western Conference multiple times before we even make the playoffs once. And to really stick it to us, they'll convert one of those Western Conference Championships into an NBA Championship.
Kyle Neubeck @KyleNeubeck
Woj on ESPN’s mock draft just now: If you’re a GM who hasn’t gotten an offer from the Sixers involving pick No. 23 and Matisse Thybulle, “You probably have had your phone shut off”

Uh, yes pls.
4.3 in cap space for a 1st round pick.
Thybulle is a solid defender.
I mean if they just want to shed salary, a second round pick for thybulle and the #23 works on the trade machine. I wonder what they want
I find it hard to believe that the Sixers have gone from "Thybulle is absolutely untouchable" to "Please take this first round pick to get Thybulle off of our hands" in what, a few months?
Their salary cap w/Harden( PO $47) doesn't allow for any wiggle room.

I have seen Thybulle miss a 3pt attempt by about 4 feet. He's not as untouchable as you might think.
If the Sixers are desperate to open up caproom I think Barnes, Harkless, and Holiday for Harris, Thybulle and #23 would work.

It saves them $12M next season and Barnes comes off the books next season vs Harris who has another year at $39M.

And that still leaves the Kings with the #4 and Holmes as trade pieces.
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