[NBA] Comments that don't warrant a thread (JAN)

Wait- Rui is a good defender? Rui is very much not a good defender. Just watch him. He is a few levels below HB as a defender. And he is an average 3 point shooter (like 35%) on minimal volume. He is a 3/D guy except for the 3 and D parts. I mean he is a decent prospect, but I am not shedding tears and don't understand why people here thought he would be an upgrade to HR or Keegan.
I disagree. Maybe Barnes has the experienced vet nuances at defending, but Rui has a higher ceiling.

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Clippers played five whole games in a row with both Paul George and Kawhi Leonard, won all five handily and then said, "Eh, I think we made our point." George and Leonard are both resting tonight for the Clippers, who are currently getting the dogs*** beat out of them by the Cavaliers.

In other news around the Association, the Pacers blew a nineteen-point lead to the Grizzle.