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Hearing the news about Fred McLeod reminds me how much of personal pet peeve of mine it is when people don't bother to learn the names of the broadcasters. It particularly annoys me when fans can't name broadcasters for other teams, but swear up and down that their local guys are the "best in the business."

Anyway, RIP Fred. At least you lived long enough to see your beloved Cavaliers raise a banner.


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^^ I assume he’s going to want to go to a situation where he has a road to minutes to maybe get one more non-minimum deal in the future.

I’m all for it though. Shump meant far more to this team than expected when we dumped him.
We could definitely use Shump. Fit in here real well before. Right now he or Brewer would be a nice way to fill the final roster spot.
I mean, if we didn't get Ariza, I'd say we can totally use Shum. But with the current lineup, he might have to play such a minimal role, I don't know if he's content enough to just be a vet presence/mentor to the young players yet.
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