[NBA] Comments that don't warrant a thread (APR)


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Damn PG13 is so clutch
PG hitting a buzzerbeater game winner for OKC on the same night that Magic Johnson quits the Lakers via the oddest press conference ever doesn't make up for 50 years of everything coming up Lakers but it certainly doesn't hurt.

Magic Johnson deciding against trading for Paul George because he was 150% sure PG was coming to LA in the offseason was one of the first of many moves that proved Magic had no idea what he was doing.


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I like that he's trying to think outside the box and take a new approach, which I like. But a mid-season tournament? that's just awful, this isn't soccer. Eliminate the All-Star game and only hold the Skills, Three point shootout & Dunk Contest. Expand the All-Star break so players can rest longer, maybe 8-10 days? Finally, I'm all for reducing the number of games, 82 is too long and too many times, the last month of the season is just dull to watch. I'd like a 65 game format.
A mid season tournament would be cool and either offer a large monetary prize or some sort of bonus to your seeding/win totals at the end of the regular season.

Shortening the games to 40 Minutes would be stupid and will never happen. It would almost completely eliminate the need for a good bench and of course alter stats and game totals as well.

I wouldn't mind seeing the season shortened to 65-70 games as I'm sure a lot of fans and players would as well. However if they shortened the season by 15% to 70 Games......as the players willing to take a 15% or even 10% pay cut? I doubt it. It's easy for so many players to run their mouth that the season is too long but guaranteed they'll change their tune if they realize a shorter season means a smaller paycheck.


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I do not like the idea of a mid-season tournament. I detest the idea of shortening the game to 40 minutes. I wouldn't mind a shortened season, especially if it eliminated back-to-back games.

You know what I would like? DECENT OFFICIATING. It seems that every year just gets worse and worse.