Minutes Distribution for Next Year Thoughts

Is this actually true? I know you reference Booker just rising up and shooting over him a lot, but I don't recall that game where he got cooked. Also... it's Devin Booker. He cooks everybody 95% of the time. If you hold him to 27 points on 20 shots, that's a win for your defense. Also, Davion is shorter and has a smaller wingspan than most 1's in the first place. He wins defensively because he gets right into the offensive players space and doesn't let him get to the spots he wants to go. He might have the best lateral quickness in the NBA on defense. Along with crazy quick hands. And you can't bully him because he's built like a damn tank. Anecdotally, that's why I feel better with him even on big wings like PG than pretty much anyone else on the team.

And maybe you just put Fox on the off-ball guard and let Davion disrupt the POA vs everybody, regardless who's on the other side. I feel there's some sampling problems with Davion since we rarely get to see him for more than 5-7 minute spurts a couple times a game. We've talked about game 6 and game 7 a lot and I do feel Brown made such a huge misstep by taking Davion out of the rotation on Steph. He was really the only guy who had any sort of sustained success vs him defensively.
It’s true. And I agree lateral quickness is his strength and in a conference with Steph, Ja, and Scoot he is a very valuable piece to have. I always wondered why the Pels didn’t offer a wing for him. His ability to shut down dribble penetration from even the quickest guards becomes even more valuable if you are talking Fox, Steph, Ja and Scoot.

as for getting more minutes the problem is neither Fox, Monk or Davion can guard the 3 with their length. Lastly I agree I like him more on bigger wings than anyone else on the team except Kessler and maybe Keegan. Depends on the match-up…..

With Davion the guy can catch and shoot or take a rhythm dribble and shoot all day. Davion can do little to hinder them. Keegan can make the shooting a bit tougher with a hand in the face but his lateral quickness is such some players can just blow by him. So you are giving something up either way.