Matt Barnes RIPS Grant Napear

This is what bugs me the most about Grant:

He acts like it's a compliment for a TEAM play-by-play guy to be so indifferent you cannot tell he's for the home team. Sorry, but that's for the TNT and ESPN guys. The KINGS announcer should be identifiable IMHO. This is part of the reason I don't think it's right to have him wearing two different hats (in our eyes). I suspect he thinks he's always Grant the Radio Guy.
A hundred precent agree. Mr. Napear has the loftiest of moral bearings as a True Professional™ play by play guy, yet on the radio he trashes our own fans and has used his platform to humiliate players and slander them, and sow division. He should be doing the exact opposite. He should be BIASED (toward the Kings) while doing pbp, and attempt the more nuanced, professional analysis on the the radio, and show basic courtesy. Grant seems to have a lust for blood that needs satisfying at unpredictable times. Unfortunately, he's essentially unfireable at this point. I'm just glad he has a godly man to babysit him now. Grant should publicly apologize for each and every hatchet job he's performed against our players and fans, and he could, if he wanted, attribute his "new perspective" to Doug's influence. He should also ask forgiveness PUBLICLY of Bobby Jackson, Chris Webber, and any other player he's trashed. There's a way forward here where he can save face. The thing is he is technically very good at the TV stuff, and enough of the fanbase only knows him from that (vast majority not radio listeners), and he's vindictive enough that if he was fired from the Kings, he'd work to undermine the org for the rest of his life. It's definitely a weird little niche he's carved out for himself.
Drugs and alcohol changes the wiring in some people's brains, like Barnes.
I don't live in Sacramento but Napear is fine if you ask me. He cares about the Kings and watches them all the time. He asks a lot of questions, but has Christie to keep in line if he gets off target very far.
Drugs and alcohol changes the wiring in some people's brains, like Barnes.
I don't live in Sacramento but Napear is fine if you ask me.
Which is why you lack proper context. Peaches has burned a lot of bridges over the years with what he says on his daily radio show then acts differently in person as an employee of of the KINGS. He's as two-faced as it gets.

Barnes is spot on and is not the only NBA'er that recognizes the behavior and has called him out on it.

BTW, the drugs and alcohol comment is unwarranted and lame. I'm sure you'd feel that way if someone cited it as a reason for your take.

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