LoungeLizard Prediction Game 2018-19: Hail the Lizard! Game over! See you next year!


The Game Thread Dude
Logically, I should expect the Kings to lose against the buzzsaw that is the Bud-coached Bucks buttttttttttt...

Bucks 114
That's unbelievable stuff from the Kings! :D

Game 10 - Last one on this spectacular road-trip.

Shall we announce it as "Next victim - the Bucks"?:po_O
Or is the Greek-F (Giannis) too much to handle for our Greek-2K (Kosta)?

Think you know how it ends?

A fan's got to do what a fan's got to do...
Time to predict the results of game #10:
@ the Bucks, Saturday 11/3, 12:30pm

Scoring System:

A short reminder of the scoring system:
You can total as much as 100 points for one prediction:
1. You get 40 pts for predicting the winner.
2. You get up to 30 pts for predicting the point difference of the game (directional difference! +10 is not the same as -10!)
3. You get up to 15 pts for predicting the total score of each of the teams (30 pts for both teams together)
Here's a chart to sum it all up:
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Prediction Rules:
  • Predictions are for the FINAL SCORE (official game result)
  • Predictions must be made ON THIS PREDICTION THREAD.
  • Predictions must be made IN ADVANCE (before the game's tip-off).

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Such optimists we are! :)
Only 1 L-prediction against a league leader.
It is genuinely a great sign, and a vote of confidence in our boys.

I, however, will spoil this strong front, I'm afraid...
Kings 103
Raotors 121