LoungeLizard Prediction Game 2018-19: Hail the Lizard! Game over! See you next year!

Well, it had to end somehow...
Good game nonetheless.

In our prediction game, 5 KFs saw the L coming.
(No great scores though)



King of the Night:

This time it's @Ron (Yours truly) - 4th time this season.


King of December:

@Telemachus, @LoungeLizard, @rosa u podne and @Ron
all conquered the top of this chart, ousting @bubulina

# Predictor (Pts)
1. @Telemachus (219)
2. @LoungeLizard (200)
3. @rosa u podne (199)
4. @Ron (196)
5. @bubulina (183)
6. @Capt. Factorial (183)
7. @El Paljasso (175)
8. @burekijogurt (156)
9. @VF21 (151)
10. @Tetsujin (151)
11. @origkds (146)
12. @Kangztillidie (98)
13. @chief bromden (94)

Leader Board:

No changes in rankings.

"Bad news"... :confused:
The Kings became predictable.
(In a new, refreshing way ;))

Who would have thought thunk? :p
We end a road trip with 3-1 in our favor, and we expect it! o_O
How quickly we became accustomed to being a .500 team... :D

And predictable we are, as all 12 of us predicted a W
(Though most of the game was challenging...)

@Capt. Factorial picked the exact 19-point margin and tallied 70.
@burekijogurt only missed the margin by 1 and got 60.
@Ron nailed the Bulls' score of 89 and registered 55.



King of the Night

A 4th nightly win for the Capt.


King of December

@Telemachus remains 1st, but it's as tight as can be!
@LoungeLizard and @rosa u podne dropped just a
few inches below the lucky @Capt. Factorial & @Ron.

# Predictor (Pts)
1. @Telemachus (263)
2. @Capt. Factorial (253)
3. @Ron (251)
4. @LoungeLizard (242)
5. @rosa u podne (241)
6. @bubulina (229)
7. @burekijogurt (216)
8. @El Paljasso (216)
9. @VF21 (196)
10. @Tetsujin (193)
11. @origkds (188)
12. @chief bromden (135)
13. @Kangztillidie (98)

Leader Board

Again, no changes in rankings, as we all predicted the W...


Average Points Per Prediction
qualification: at least 4 predictions



Predictable, I told you!
Five of us are on a hot streak of 5 correct predictions in a row...

Longest ACTIVE Streak of Predicting Winner...........5 - @Capt. Factorial, @Ron, @LoungeLizard, @rosa u podne and @Telemachus
Longest ACTIVE Streak of MIS-predictions...............1 - @Kangztillidie

Minimum predictions to qualify: 4 (Qualified: 13 KingFans)

Score Sheet


Average accuracy along the season