LoungeLizard Prediction Game 2018-19: Hail the Lizard! Game over! See you next year!


The Game Thread Dude
First I would like to thank the academy for bestowing this prestigious honor on me and also my parents for raising me and finally to all my fans who made this achievement possible. And also I'm taking the Kings to win over the Suns 136 to 121.
A nice W (though we let them off the hook in the end...)

We set 2 new prediction records for this season:

1. Most Win-predictions per night - 13
(previous record was 11, both in game 9 vs ATL and in game 22 vs IND)

2. Largest average points-margin predicted - 11.92
(Previous record was 10.91, in game 13 - the LAL loss)

Still, we came short of the actual 17 point margin...
(Which ended our streak of being too optimistic on average)

Pretty boring scores, as all 13 predictors were right about the winning side,
but no-one came REALLY close to the scores and margin -
Hence, all scores fell between 43 (@Ron :oops:) and 55 (@LoungeLizard).
Boring... :)



King of the Night

As narrow as it may have been (1 point) -
@LoungeLizard did it again!
Seven times out if 23! Impressive! :cool:


King of December

After 2 games this month, @LoungeLizard still leads this one too

# Predictor (Pts)
1. @LoungeLizard (114)
2. @burekijogurt (108)
3. @Tetsujin (103)
4. @El Paljasso (102)
5. @rosa u podne (102)
6. @Ron (99)
7. @Telemachus (98)
8. @bubulina (95)
9. @origkds (94)
10. @VF21 (93)
11. @Capt. Factorial (85)
12. @chief bromden (51)
13. @Kangztillidie (46)

Leader Board

No real changes... (@origkds climbed 1 spot)

@rosa u podne and @LoungeLizard still lead.


Average Per Prediction
(minimum 4 predictions)


Highs and Lows - Overall Prediction

Most Prediction Attempts.............................23 - Five different KFs
Most Correct Predictions of Winner..........16 - @rosa u podne
Most Predictions with a Score of 50+.........8 - @LoungeLizard
Most Predictions with a Score of 60+.........4 - Four different KFs
Most Predictions with a Score of 70+.........3 - @El Paljasso and @LoungeLizard
Most Predictions with a Score of 80+.........2 - @El Paljasso
Most Predictions with a Score of 90+.........1 - @Tetsujin
Highest % Correct about Winner.......69.6% - @rosa u podne
Lowest % Correct about Winner.........42.9% - @origkds


Longest Streak Predicting Winner..................8 - @bubulina in games 2 to 9
Longest ACTIVE Streak Pred. Winner............2 - Twelve different KFs
Longest Streak MIS-predicting Winner........4 - @chief bromden in games 5 to 9, @LoungeLizard in games 18 to 21
Longest ACTIVE Streak of MIS-prediction...0 - No active streak

Score Sheet

Next one is a Saturday afternoon (16:30) game against the Cavs.

Hurry up and predict it, so you don't forget...
(@bubulina, @Capt. Factorial, @Ron, @ppine, @kingsfan1984, @burekijogurt, @Kangztillidie, @Cojc, @VF21, @El Paljasso, @SLAB, @chief bromden, @Camino, @LoungeLizard, @whozit, @Tomcat, @rosa u podne, @Tetsujin, @SacTownKid, @lwc, @Telemachus, @km23, @The Hammer, @origkds)
My prediction:

Kings 113
Cavs 105
Good morning everyone!

Another "win-streak" on the road :cool:
(The previous one was in games 7 to 9, part of the 5-game overall win-streak)

Another win-streak of 3+ games :cool:
(We had 0 last season)

And stellar performance in here as well! :D

No less than 3 great minds thought-alike and nailed the exact 19-point-margin! o_O
Great job, @bubulina, @Telemachus and @El Paljasso!

@bubulina was also darn close to the actual score of 129-110 (with 127-108)
and tallied 82 points (17 more than your previous season record, @bubulina!)

@Telemachus and @El Paljasso were farther from the mark and got 76 and 70 respectively.
@VF21 got the Kings' score exactly right, and scored 58.



King of the Night

Despite owning the longest streak of correct predictions among us all (8),
and sharing the largest number of 50+ and 60+ predictions,
@bubulina has surprisingly never won 1st place on any given night!
(The only one without a nightly win among all "regulars", who predicted at least half of the games)

...Until tonight.
Tonight, the crown is yours for the first time, @bubulina!


King of December

That's you as well, @bubulina! :)

# Predictor (Pts)
1. @bubulina (177)
2. @Telemachus (174)
3. @El Paljasso (172)
4. @LoungeLizard (158)
5. @burekijogurt (154)
6. @VF21 (151)
7. @rosa u podne (146)
8. @Tetsujin (145)
9. @Ron (141)
10. @Capt. Factorial (138)
11. @origkds (136)
12. @Kangztillidie (96)
13. @chief bromden (94)

Leader Board

@bubulina replaced @El Paljasso in 3rd place.
And together with the leaders, @rosa u podne and @LoungeLizard,
the four of them form the exclusive 800+ club.

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