Looking ahead to the 2023 Draft


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With the DDOS coming to an end, we'll have more to talk about. So far I'm been tucked away in a corner watching film all day long to the point where I think I'm going blind. My conclusion so far is that this should be a very deep draft with very good talent from 1 to around 15 or 16, maybe more. Even after then, there's still good rotational talent that should be available. This draft is full of wings, so if the KIng's are still looking for one, there should be one available. My other conclusion is that highschool basketball is very hard to watch. Please let the college season begin...
Tristian Vukcevic has started like a house on fire during the preseason so far, to me he's a much better player than former GSW player Alen Smailigic hopefully he can beat him out for playing time but still has to contend with Zac LeDay who the team is paying 2million per season to which is massive money in Europe. I'm hoping they move LeDay as a undersized C for spurts and Tristian to PF. He should have gone to Mega imo him and Durisic would have been a nasty duo to contend with.

Also one of my favorite players to watch signed with the college team UCSB Gauchos in Matija Belic he's 6;7 guard, in terms of size/athletic ability he's similar to Josh Giddy he's not the ball handler/playmaker Josh is but he's a 40% 3 point shooter and very herky jerky and excellent going to his right hand (needs work on the left). Very smart, tough elite offensive rebounder for his size/position really hope he can blow up. Watching him play in the KLS/ABA Liga 2 everytime he gets the ball I feel like something is going to happened.
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Thierry Serge Darlan 6'6" swingman with a 7'2" wingspan from the Central Republic of Africa was the MVP of the BWB camp in Egypt a month ago that had Steve Kerr, Chauncy Billups and Willie Green coaching, plus a bunch of front office/scouts in attendance.

He looks solid! His jumper looks smooth.

I was rather unimpressed by Rayan Rupert's (whos got the same frame) skill level in the summer tournament.. This player is interesting! gonna keep tabs on him. Hope we keep seeing his name til the offseason.

Born February 3rd 2004 so this draft will be his first year of eligibility.

I know the Kings are in "win-now" mode.. This player looks like a solid candidate for a low risk high reward development project worth waiting for, to me..