KT's Contract

ImAKing said:
05/06 $6,109,375

06/07 $6,720,312

07/08 $7,331,250

08/09 $7,942,187

09/10 $8,553,125
That is wat hoops hype has... but why does ESPN trade machine say differnt... same thing with skinners contract. Hoops had him at like 2 more years... ESP had hi mas a FA
overpaid, seriously. if we could package him and corliss's expiring contract and get a nice young player and another useless contract i'd be happy.
I don't actually think KT is all that overpaid -- Malik Rose and Danny Forston make $6 million. Carlos Boozer makes $11 million. Even Jason Collins makes $5.5 million. KT just has a long deal, but that doesn't mean he is an albatross or untradable.